I'm amazed Hyperloop could someday become a reality

It's a challenge to imagine what an impact perfecting this tech would have on our world. Would there be the same rush for infrastructure and investment that accompanied the railroads in the US in the 1850's - 1890's? 

"As if to underscore the notion that the Hyperloop is not just some tech mogul’s science fiction fantasy, Anthony Foxx bounded onto the stage Friday night in College Station. By attending the competition Foxx, who has been the US Secretary of Transportation since 2013, said he was signaling his interest in the Hyperloop. “It’s one thing to have a really cool new idea,” he said. “It’s another thing for that idea to go through the traps required to have that actually used by the mass public. That’s not to say this isn’t an idea that has merit. I’m here. It has merit.”

Travis Falstad