Is the Internet really robbing people of the ability to focus? (look, a bird!)

Yesterday I watched Today in Tech News on the TWIT network. A guest who works for a large media company said that young people today are unable to focus and sit through long articles online.  He made the point that 10 years ago, a site had high engagement if a user contributed 4 page views in a single visit.  Now that number is 2.  I've heard a long of hand-wringing about the disappearing attention span of today's youth.  Today is the first time I thought about how it's being measured.  

A lot of the free sites build their content around top 10 lists presented in gallery style with poorly targeted and intrusive ads.  I'm 40 and I never get any further than the first entry in this type of link bait list.  I've heard for at least 10 years from SEO Strategists about how it's important to generate content; no matter the quality or relevance to your product or service.  The context here has usually been while working one marketing role or another so I've had the freedom to simply say no.  Many people say yes though and we end up with a lot of garbage content strewn about an already garbage-ish internet.  So, page views per visit has decreased.  That only makes sense.  We can't diagnose all of internet-kind with ADHD just because marketers write poor content.


Travis Falstad