Let's go ahead and regulate ISPs as common carriers

ars technica is spot on in this article.  It's clear that at least Comcast, if not Time Warner with or without a merger, will block or hinder competing services.  ISPs need to be classified as "common carriers".  

Case in point.  Comcast is reducing Netflix traffic to a trickle.  Matt Vukas first tested his speed with Netflix then tested again running everything through a VPN.  Since Comcast couldn't see the data, he had a full 3000 kbps nitrate.  Prior to using the VPN, he just had 235 kbps nitrate.  He could only watch 320 x 240 video at that speed.  

This article also makes some excellent points about quality of customer service from Comcast.  My personal favorite is that they scored lower in customer satisfaction than the US Internal Revenue Service.   

Travis Falstad