Areas of Focus Include: mobile apps, web apps, serious games, virtual reality, marketing strategy, launch marketing, gamification / monetization

Sample Projects: 

Staples QuickWins

Staples QuickWins is an iOS and Android app that helps small business owners identify business challenges and work to improve performance.


M-GO Advanced VR

M-GO is a movie streaming service funded by Technicolor, Dreamworks, and Samsung. This application is currently in development but a teaser can be seen here. This application will be available on Samsung Gear VR and distributed as an Android App. Designed to allow users to experience a new way of browsing for movies, the concept focuses on the sci-fi genre and places the user on a futuristic spaceship with movie titles and meta data floating in space.  It was first presented in Berlin at the Samsung Worldwide Developer Conference to a positive review.



Missing is a game built as part of the Intelligence Advanced Research Project Activity’s SIRIUS Program to help intelligence analysts identify and mitigate cognitive bias. Missing was featured in Harvard Business Review:


Boeing Virtual Interactive Standup for Pilot Training

VIS is the Virtual Immersive Stand-Up, a training system for new fighter pilots.  In the traditional Stand Up, students are brought up in front of the class, standing alone in the center of the class facing their teachers.  They are presented with conditions of their flight with given a scenario such as an engine fire or electrical failure and now have to explain every step they need to go through to respond to the situation.  VIS, adds a new dimension to the training by immersing the students using virtual reality in a scenario simulating the real cockpit and flight.  The instructor has a remote control console running on a tablet where they get to either put students through a predetermined flight profile or introduce scenarios in real time.


Lockheed Martin - LM Tomorrow - Quantum Computing

LM Tomorrow is an interactive, high end presentation application with the goal of getting kids interested in STEM technologies and careers in Engineering. The chapter on Quantum Computing teaches users about the power and speed of the technology all in an easily digestible format that users without a physics background can understand.